Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, and One-Time Services Available

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Feather dust ceilings, corners, walls, and baseboards
Damp cloth all ceiling fans and light fixtures, including light bulbs
Vacuum all window shades and wet cloth blinds, baseboards, and window sills
Damp cloth all window frames, sills, louvers doors, tops of door frames and baseboards
Damp cloth all lamp including light bulbs and light shades
Damp cloth all picture and mirror frames
Move furniture
Clean glass tables and mirrors
Damp cloth all furniture and general surface areas
Damp cloth and wash articles
Spot clean walls, doors, baseboards, and door frames
Clean baseboard heating elements
Vacuum all upholstered furniture and drapes
Vacuum corners, crevices, air vents, and edges
Vacuum and wash all floors
Q-tip and toothbrush clean crevices and granular areas where applicable

Clean tiles, tub, and shower stall
Damp cloth all bathroom articles
Damp cloth louver doors, windows sills, and blinds
Clean sinks, toilets
Clean baseboard heating elements
Clean mirrors
Vacuum corners, crevices, and edges
Vacuum and wash floors
Steam clean floors

Clean appliances, including stove, hoods, refrigerator, and microwave
Damp cloth cabinets, counters, louver doors, furniture, baseboards, window sills
Spot clean walls and doors
Clean all glass
Vacuum floors, corners, crevices, and edges
Steam clean ceramic tile floors
Clean and polish sink

Carpet Cleaning
Window Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning